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what is emout.media?

The new platform for sharing photos and videos of the sky.

Born from the passion of astronomers and astrophotographers, emout.media is aiming to be the new free sharing platform for all astrophotographers around the globe.

We know how much time and resources are behind a photo, and for this reason, we wanted to create a unique place to collect and share them. We believe that photos taken by amateur astronomers and not, are too valuable not to be shared.

our goal

emout.media wants to help improve astrophotography, therefore we are preparing tutorials made by expert enthusiasts that you could check for free.


why use emout.media?

  • If you are already an emout.org user, you can use the same account on emout.media.
  • You can download and share as many photos and videos as you want, there are no limits.
  • You can upload more photos or videos within the same post and create your own photo gallery of your night.
  • The maximum limit for every file uploaded is 32mb.
  • You can upload both photos and videos within the same post and add a description of your night under the stars.
  • Functionalities have been designed specifically for astrophotographers and we keep adding new ones every week!